Edit your profile

One of the new features of the Oxford Indie Book Fair booking system is the ability for exhibitors to edit their own exhibitor profile which will appears on the directory. This should be a good time saver and puts you in control.

Here’s a short video to show you how it’s done:

How to edit your profile

The best time to start this is just after you’ve completed the purchase of your exhibitor ticket. The system has created your account and you are automatically logged in.

Just go to For Exhibitors >> My Profile / Log In, then click on Edit Account to the left of the page.

The edit page starts with your personal information (which is NOT shown on the website). Then below that you’ll see the profile information.

Each field has instructions on what to fill in with examples, so this should be really easy.

TIP: When writing your profile text, don’t copy and paste it directly from MS Word or a PDF. MS Word will try to insert all kinds of formatting and make your text look horrible. Pasting from a PDF will have you end up with hard line-breaks all over the place and broken lines of text.

Don’t forget to SAVE your edits once you’re done. Some web browsers have a bug where they insert information into the pasword area near the top of the form. Check this and just delete what’s in there before you save otherwise the site will ask you to complete the password change section (annoyingly, there’s an official fix for this but not all browsers comply!!)

.. and don’t forget to tick the box at the bottom of the page to make yor profile appear on the website.

Profile Images

The page will look a lot neater for the site visitors if the profile images are carefully chosen. Please email your image to us and we’ll process it and add it to your profile.

  • Book covers look good.
  • Aim for portrait aspect if you can.
  • Any other images shouldn’t have too much text on it as it won’t look good on small screens.
  • If you send a cover, just the FRONT cover, not the wrap-around as these look terrible and you can’t read the blurb anyhow.
  • Don’t send MASSIVE files, they’ll be reduced to 1000 pixels max anyhow.
  • Similarly, don’t send TINY images. Anything less than 600 pixels wide might look blurred.
  • Send as an attachment to your email, don’t embed it in the message.
  • make sure the FILENAME is meaningful or it may get mixed up. author.jpg is just going to cause confusion, so if you can rename it to your name or company name then that’ll be a GREAT help¬

Of course, we DO have some rules for acceptable content:

  • Everything must be true and accurate.
  • No inappropriate language.
  • Keep your entry short. IE don’t let the text run on below your cover photo. Nobody will read long profiles, so keep it snappy and to the point.
  • Try to write in the third person.
  • No links or URLs in the main text.
  • Only use the categories which apply. If everyone checks them all then they become pointless.
  • No OVERUSE of formatting, bold, capitals etc. Make it look neat and tidy.

We will lock ALL the profile pages for editing a couple of weeks before the event so that we can check everything and work on the printed brochure. We’ll use yor text from the profile for this – so it’s certainly worth making the effort to do a good job.

We reserve the right to refuse or edit profles for any reason and will lock-out editing for persistant misbehaviour.