JULY 6th 2024

Welcome to the exhibitor centre. Here, you will find all the information you need to successfully exhibit at the event.

Please take the time to read the information and instructions on this page to help you set up on the day.

We will update this page on a regular basis, so please do come back regularly to check details.

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Information for Exhibitors

(Updated 4-July-2024: 14:00)

EVENT LOCATION: Big Magdalen College School, Cowley Pl, Oxford OX4 1DZ (The main building, NOT the Marquee – see map on homepage)

EVENT DATE: Saturday 6th July 2024





Tables: 12 Full, 48 Half (see photo below for layout)

If you have any questions or need help on the day then our team member Shona Nicholson will be on hand to assist. We also have a number of voulenteers to help out.


We’re putting out name badges with lanyards on your table to help you identify your place and to wear if you like. It’ll help people recognise you.

The lanyards are colour coded; the RED lanyards will be worn by organisers or volunteer helpers who can assist you on the day.

Loading, Unloading, Travel

The official word from the venue is that it’s open for exhibitors to set up at 9:30am. That’s not a lot of time I’m afraid, and we do have to work with what we’re given here. Cars may need to be let in by security, so foot-traffic will be easier.

Please be patient and resourceful when arriving at the building to unload your gear. We’re hoping to have some people in hi-vis jackets to give advice and help things move smoothly.

There is a car park at the Plain and it is possible to park at Oxford Brookes.
If you are not familiar with Oxford and come by car make sure you approach from the Plain (East Oxford / London Road / Iffley Road ). Automatic cameras issue fines for continuing on into the city centre from Abingdon Road etc.

Note also, that there is NO ACCESS to the city via Botley road as it is closed at the train station for extensive works. Do not exit the A34 at the Botley Interchange, instead use the next one south at Hinkey Hill (ring road) where you will find a park and ride. To continue into Oxford, Turn right at the lights at the Tesco Metro then left along Iffley Road.
The London buses and Park and Ride buses stop almost outside the venue.


There is NO exhibitor parking at the venue please do not try to park there or ask to do so. With a bit of careful coordination, it will be possible to turn up by car if absolutely necessary to unload, but please move off as soon as possible to allow others to unload.

There is plenty of parking in Oxford, though some can be expensive. The cheapest (and probably furthest) is the large Westgate car park. St Clements Car park is the closest. Please check parking availability in advance and plan your day.

St Clements: https://www.oxford.gov.uk/directory-record/88/st-clements-car-park

The Thornhill park and ride stops 150yds from the venue.

Table Setup

There will be a limited amount of time for table setup, so please plan your table layout carefully.

Remember that exhibitor spaces are a HALF 6ft TABLE shared with another.


Similar rules for breakdown regarding cars will apply. Again, do be patient with the staff who will attempt to make things run as smoothly as possible. There is no parking at the event, so it may be wise to ensure that you have eveything ready to go before fetching a car to load up.

Venue Rules

Here are some important venue rules which ALL exhibitors must comply with for safety and protection of the building. There will be venue staff present throughout the day to help everyone, and they will advise and if necessary enforce these rules (which may result in the extreme case of non compliant exhibitors being expelled by security – this is outside our control and no refunds will be issued in such cases)


There are plenty of wall sockets located around the walls and are availible ONLY to the outer ring of tables. The central rings of tables do NOT have access to power. Please share these sensibly with other exhibitors.

Please bring a suitably rated extension lead to run from the wall behind you to your table. We cannot supply extension leads. Ensure that your lead is run to avoid tripping by yourselves and fellow exhibitors.

ALL devices connected to the mains supply MUST be PAT TESTED and acompanied by the relevant certificate. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that this is done. Venue staff may check equipment and ask you to unplug anything which does not comply.


The venue has WiFi throughout which can be used for your ePOS systems etc.

We don’t know the WiFi password, but when we do, we’ll stick something to a wall or door before the public arrive.

We can’t be responsible for the quality or continuity of the connection but will endevor to let the venue owners know if there are any problems. It would be wise to have a backup plan for your ePOS such as WiFi hotspot from your mobile phone to card reader in case of problems.


We will have an official photographer (wearing a book fair hi-vis jacket) taking photographs and videos for publicity, social media and our website.

Please gather at the stage for the opening where there will then be an opportunity for a full group photo of all the exhibitors. The photographer will be up on the stage so hopefully everyone will be in shot.

Bring a book and hold it nicely for the first photo, then when instructed hold it up high and cheer for the second one.

The lighting might be a little low in the venue, so if you hold your book STILL then it will be in focus.

TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS AND VIDEOS throughout the day and post them to social media. Tag us on twitter and we’ll like and share.

Book Launches

Please go to the stage abour 5-10 minutes before your scheduled slot to meet with the host who will be introducing you. You can let them know how you would like to be introduced. Keep it to a strict FIVE MINUTE eleveator pitch, let people know who you are and most importanty what table you’re at and where it is so they can go buy your book.

Social Media

Make sure you Follow and Tweet to us at @OxIndieBookFair

You’ll find us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/OxIndieBookFair

Also send posts of the event throughout the day and the time leading up to and after the event. We will have a small team in helping to promote the event on Twitter and other social media platforms. Make sure you folllow us, retweet and get involved with the conversation to help grow awareness.

Use the hashtag: #OxIndieBookFair

The summer event is being hosted by the Oxford Festival of the Arts. They’re providing the venue free of charge to us, so to help keep that relationship strong (and allow us to keep the exhibitor fees at a minimum) pleae mention them in your social media. Follow them, and repost their messages from Facebook and Instagram on @artsfestivaloxford, Twitter on @artsfestoxford and link to their website at www.artsfestivaloxford.org

Here are some pre-made social media graphics for you to use and an A5 Flyer

Some useful links to add to your posts:

Book Launch materials

Use the button below to download a template and examples you can use to announce your 5 minute book launch pitch on social media. There’s JPGs, PDFs and an InDesign file if you’d like to modify it yourself.


Bookings are accepted by purchasing a pass through this website only. Please do NOT send money unless you have a proper link to buy a July 2024 exhibitors pass or your reservation may not be made.

Cancellations / refunds cannot be accepted within 1 week of the event. Refunds cannot be made for no-show on the day or for event cancellation outside our control (eg: emergency with location).

Once you have made your booking, you will be able to edit your own profile information which appears on the directory listing for the public to see.

Detailed instructions can be found under the “For Exhibitors”” section..

Sub-letting or sharing of tables is not permitted unless explicitly agreed in writing by the organisers. Bookings are non-transferable.

Any persons causing a disturbance or offence to exhibitors, visitors, organisers or venus staff may be asked to leave the event and may face a ban from exhibiting in the future. Abusive nature of any kind will not be tolerated.

Table Allocations

Here’s an up to date schematic of the table booking allocations.

regular large Reserved Booked