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Oxford eBooks
Oxford eBooks (est 2010) specialises in Digital Publishing services for authors and publishers alike. Their typesetting, publishing and eBook production services are fast, accurate and well priced. They also now produce beautifully recorded and edited Audio Books. Come talk with Andy about your project and how he can make your book a reality.
Sylvia Vetta
Three highly praised novels, inspired by real events and real people, was followed by Sylvia’s memoir which involves the emotional chemistry of food. Crime fiction is a new venture for her so she has rooted her latest book Current of Death in an area she knows intimately. For twenty five years, Sylvia Vetta has written the life stories of others – 120 Oxford Castaways for The Oxford Times were turned into three books.
Ray Foulk and Caroline Foulk

Father and daughter have written plays, film scripts, and books together, including memoirs documenting Ray Foulk’s life as creator of the original Isle of Wight Rock Festivals. They have recently published their long awaited novel, Picasso’s Revenge, and Caroline has published her illustrated collection of humorous canine poetry

Oxfordfolio / Anglepoise Books

Oxfordfolio is a high-quality self-publishing provider, taking you and your unique story from manuscript to physical book. We are experts in full-colour integrated books with over 40 years editorial, typesetting and graphic design experience. We work primarily in illustrated non-fiction (memoirs, histories, travel, biographies) but have also launched Anglepoise Books for quality fiction. Our philosophy is to provide a flexible, bespoke service—tailored to your specific requirements—throughout the whole publishing process. We are always contactable direct by phone or email, and always creatively on your side.
STOP PRESS for latest launch visit * www.theairpowerdelusion.com *

Your Life • Your Story • Your Book

David Churcher-Muria
David Churcher-Muria writes from his home in Southampton, England, from where he also runs a small magical supply shop. He has a frustratingly under-utilised degree in physics, a successful and supportive wife, and more hobbies than time to practice them. His first sci-fi novel, Inspiration, is about learning to connect with people you have nothing in common with, growing through new experiences, but mostly about the (fun) disasters that occur when you give too much responsibility to someone who is something of a disaster themself.
Evolve Expressions

We are Charlynne Bryan and Yvonne Murray – Evolve Expressions.

We write poetry to uplift and empower.  We know that sometimes you may feel like you are bogged down by life, by circumstances, by existing.  We are here to remind you that you are never not enough, you are always enough, you can get through it – you are amazing.

Charlynne has written 3 books and Yvonne 2 – the 2nd one being a children’s book.

We have been writing for a long time and like to share our written artistry; we see life through a poetic lens as  our aim is to  give inspiration and expressions through words.

M.L. Davis

M.L. Davis is a novelist from South West England.

She has a passion for writing thriller/crime novels and finds inspiration in big cities, long train journeys, and the vulnerability of human nature.

In 2022 she graduated with a degree in Literature and Creative Writing and is now studying for a Masters in Health and Wellbeing. She works as an Operations Manager in a busy NHS GP Practice. 

Vanishing Act is M.L. Davis’ debut novel. 

Holywell Press

For over 130 years, Holywell Press has been printing books (and all sorts of other things) in Oxford. We work with commercial organisations and private customers, producing books of every size, shape, and description for publishers and self-publishing authors.

Always with an eye on quality and craftsmanship, we can help at every stage of your book printing journey with:
– book design and page layout
– proof-reading and editorial checks
– cover artwork and illustrations
– ISBN assignment and registration
– short-run digital and longer-run litho printing
– saddle stitching, perfect- and case-binding.

We look forward to meeting you and discussing your next book printing project.

Thumbnail Books

Sarah Green and Roger Haines are co-founders of Thumbnail Books, a micro-publisher (like a micro brewery but for books!)
Sarah Green:
‘Ever since I read Little Women I wanted to be Jo March and write a book.’ Sarah has been writing ever since. She was much encouraged when she became a runner up in both the Woman and Home and Harper’s Bazaar Short Story competitions. She lives in the wilds of the Cotswold with her husband and their hilarious and very naughty Tibetan Terrier, Chipper. 
Roger Haines:
Roger is a writer and artist with a taste for puzzles, puns and pistachios. He has loved ghost stories and tales of the unexplained from early childhood, and still has the book about ghosts he bought when he was nine. Roger based his two heroes, Emma and James, on real world
 ghost investigators who caught his youthful imagination – Harry Price and, of course, the famous escapologist Harry Houdini.

Dennis Hamley
Dennis Hamley has been writing for an unconscionably long time. His first book was published in 1962. He has written nearly eighty books, mainly for teachers and young adults, including The War and Freddy, shortlisted for the Smarties (now Nestlé) Prize, Hare’s Choice and the sequence of medieval murder mysteries, The Long Journey of Joslin de Lay. He now publishes independently under his own imprint, Joslin Books. The Second Person from Porlock, a fantasy/riff on the chaotic life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, published by Fairlight Books in 2021. His latest book under the Joslin Books imprint is Out of the Mouths of Babes, first published in 1997 by Scholastic Press.
Liz van Santen

Liz was a teacher for many years. Now you’ll find her totally absorbed in writing her latest novel, if she can find the time between playing her fiddle, doing her crazy acrobatics and enjoying her family. 

Liz is showcasing her debut novel: ‘The Unfinished Symphony of Love’ which has been warmly received with glowing reviews on Amazon.


’A beautifully written, sensitive novel, which examines some very difficult issues surrounding childhood sexual abuse and subsequent anorexia. It is poignant, at times heartbreaking, but ultimately uplifting as Annie recovers and triumphs despite all the challenges that she has faced. I found it utterly absorbing to read and it is a book that will stay with me for a long time to come.’

Liz writes character-driven stories, often involving mental health challenges and journeys towards peace and recovery.  She is passionate about the healing qualities and the magical and transformational  power of The Arts – music, art, dance, drama, story-telling…

She has two more novels waiting in the wings.  Liz is excited to announce that her next novel, ‘The Humble Pawn’ is to be published on 28 January 2025.


Established in 2017 and based at Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre, ignitionpress is an award-winning poetry pamphlet press with an international outlook which publishes original, arresting poetry from emerging poets.

Pamphlets published by the press have so far received four Poetry Book Society Pamphlet Choice selections. Hinge by Alycia Pirmohamed was also shortlisted for the Michael Marks Poetry Award in 2020 and the press won the Michael Marks Publishers’ Award in 2021.

Clive Goddard

Children’s author and Private Eye cartoonist Clive Goddard is best known for writing the award-winning ‘Fintan Fedora the World’s Worst Explorer’ series, which over the course of four hilariously chaotic adventures takes our hapless hero around the world in search of mythical treasures.

His latest book is Erik the Alien; a comedy adventure story detailing the series of events caused by an alien spaceship crashing on a Welsh sheep farm.

Clive began his publishing career 25 years ago as an illustrator for Scholastic, drawing over 30 titles including the Horribly Famous series, Bonkers Books and the Totally Series. He lives in East Oxford with his wife, Amy, and an ever-dwindling number of children and cats.
Peter Tickler
Peter has written a number of murder mysteries set in and around Oxford. He has lived the majority of his life in Oxford and Abingdon (initially as a student of Keble College). He is a regular speaker at Women’s Institutes, libraries, and U3A
Marisa Noelle
Marisa Noelle writes tense and pacy middle grade & young adult novels in dystopian, science-fiction, fantasy, and horror, all with mental health representation. Her books include the multi-award-winning The Unraveling of Luna Forester, The Shadow Keepers, The Unadjusteds Trilogy (The Unadjusteds, The Rise of the Altereds, & The Reckoning), The Mermaid Chronicles – Secrets of the Deep, Quest for Atlantis & Fight for Freedom). She is a mentor for the Write Mentor program that helps aspiring MG & YA authors and also runs her own editing business. With dual citizenship, Marisa has lived on both sides of the Atlantic and uses both UK & USA settings as inspiration for her novels. From a young age Marisa was fascinated with the ocean, and it took her a good 40 years to realize her dream of being a mermaid, by buying a mono fin and diving into the secret deep.
Dice Comics & Mario Coelho illustrator

Dice Comics is a collective that offers you a brand name to self publisher your work under . We can also offer a free ISBN (if available) should you choose to self publish your completed work under the Dice Comics imprint . We hope to be  soon open to submissions and publishing entertainment titles aimed at all ages .

Mario Coelho illustrator is a Oxford based children books illustrator with work published by several publishers like Oxford University Press and Pegasus Publishers . Mario Coelho has also done various books with the well know children poet and writer John Foster .

Paul Harris SC
Paul Harris is a barrister and was chairman of the Hong Kong Bar. He is the author of “Raising Freedom’s Banner – how peaceful demonstrations have changed the world” (Crux Publishing), the only world-wide history of peaceful demonstrations.
Nicholas House
Nicholas House was born in Southern England and took up writing at a very early age, inspired by a unusual mix of Jules Verne and Greek mythology. Growing up in North Wales he eventually studied Geoscience at University, embracing his love for the outdoors. This afforded him the chance to travel, all the time fuelling his passion for writing. Alongside writing primarily supernatural and science fiction, he also writes and edits for his personal YouTube channel.
C. K. Andersson

C. K. Andersson was raised in Sweden and since 2017, she resides in the UK. She writes character-driven fantasy novels for adults with rich world building, kick-your-feet type of romance (without the spice) and relatable characters. Her books are characterised by strong female leads, meaningful love interests and mental health rep.

Shadow Dance, her debut novel (portal fantasy about a gamer from our world who ends up in a world like her online game), was published in June 2023. The sequel, titled Spellbound, is set to be released in 2024.

C. K. lives with her partner, their two rescue cats and rescue dog.

Liz Woolley

Liz Woolley will be selling books about the history and heritage of Oxford and Oxfordshire, some written by herself, and others by fellow local authors.

Tina Wu

Tina Wu is the author of an Eastern Epic Fantasy series The Quest for Qieta. She was born in Taiwan, and moved to the United Kingdom in 2001. As a girl with a big imagination, The tale of the Quest for Qieta series has lived in her mind since the age of sixteen. At last, over a decade later, she has put pen to paper to bring the universe of Neputa to life. The Quest for Qieta draws influences from Anime, Wuxia, and ancient Japan, and is set in a diverse fantasy universe.

Synopsis: Dead bodies have been appearing along the riverbanks of Shinrin, Neputa’s largest Kingdom. There is no explanation as to who has done this, or where these bodies have come from. However, one thing is consistent each time: Gouged out eyes and missing internal organs. Immerse yourself into this world as you join Prince Takashi on his journey into unfolding the mysteries of these horrifying killings. Experience multiple character routes as each story branches out into further mysteries of their own.

David Burridge

Originally from London, David Burridge has been writing poetry all his adult life. His poems have appeared in magazines as diverse as Acumen, Dream Catcher, Orbis and The Wednesday, as well as the Annual Review of the Oxford Philosophical Society.

He has so far published five poetry collections: Pausing for Breath along my Way (2017), Making Sense (2018), Child’s Play (2021), and Streetwise (2021). His fifth collection Ramblings of a Gentle Pragmatist is hot off the press and will be available at OXIB for the first time!

Inspired by a career in business and the law, extensive travels and walks, and his interest in philosophy, David has honed his keen observational skills. He uses poetry to make sense of the world around him, and he describes himself as a “philo-poet”. A fluent German speaker and a life-long jazz fan, David lives in Oxfordshire with his wife.

Oxford Photographers Group

The Oxford Photograpahers Group is an informal association of professional and semi professional  photographers, mainly but not exclusively documentary, in the greater Oxford area. The group has numerous published works , but  members also self-publish books and zines.

Chris M L Burleigh

‘Life is serious, but is not to be lived too seriously’. Serious or humorous, my poems are always good-natured.

I write when I have something to say, and I feel I have found the right way to say it. It’s about having fun with words and meaning, using words skilfully to say things differently, and saying the familiar in unfamiliar ways.

In 2017 I self-published a collection of poetry and wit as Particles of Light. The book has been well received and has sold well in my local bookshops.

Intersecting Lines, my second collection, was traditionally published by indie publisher Beercott Books in 2021. It continues to reflect my interest in people, love, the natural world, and the human condition, and is written very much with the reader in mind.

There are poems to move you, to surprise you, and to make you laugh. The humorous poems and one-liners are there for entertainment, to be enjoyed, though they often contain a ‘sting in the tail’.

I hope readers will enjoy reading my poems, and will feel I am putting their own experiences and emotions into words.

It’s such a great feeling when you get good feedback and review comments, or when somebody chooses to take home a copy of your words. That’s communication!

Claret Press

Great storytelling doesn’t just entertain, it energises. 

We are a small, independent and award-winning traditional publisher. We’re London-based and the majority of our books are about Britain. But our memoirs and travelogues take you around the world. So do many of our thrillers. 

We publish page turners about politics. We grapple and engage, move and disturb, inform and entertain. 

M J Lawrie

M J Lawrie writes dark, adult fantasy romance stories featuring witches, shifters, zombies, vampires, fae and morally grey men to make you swoon. Her love of monsters, anti-heroes, lovable villains and fierce female main characters pushed her to start writing stories of her own. But be warned! Her stories are dark and often spicy, so come to the dark side (or table 8) and say hello. Her books include: The Last Witch saga, The Stolen Fae series, The Verity duology, and her new series, Their Blood Rite.

sci-fi cafe

Oxford based publisher of science fiction, fantasy and horror. Come see our extensive selection of books for only £5 each. A free audiobook download from Audible with every purchase.

Karen L french

Karen L French is a best selling author on sacred geometry, with widespread acclaim for popularising complex concepts and themes. An artist and game designer as well as an author, she utilises her knowledge in her own transformative artworks and designs.

She has a Joint Honours degree in Mathematics & Management Science and an MSc in Management Sciences, both from the University of Manchester, UK. French has a life long passion for understanding and interpreting recurring patterns and symbolism. Gateway to the Heavens and The Hidden Geometry of Life have become international classic texts. Both are titles in The Gateway Series.

Sinoist Books
Sinoist Books is an Arts Council England Funded West Sussex-based independent press that publishes only the best in translated Chinese literature and contemporary fiction. Our mission is to act as a bridge between the Chinese and English-speaking worlds so that the best Sinophone authors and their works can transcend the language barrier. We believe that literature is a summation of the struggles, aspirations and ideals of the authors, and only by appreciating them can we truly achieve a deeper level of understanding.
Short Run Press
Short Run Press is widely recognised as one of the UK’s leading book printers and binders, we have built a reputation for quality printing and binding and for excellence in service. Commitment to investment keeps us at the forefront of technology. We have highly trained staff, take great pride in our craft, and guarantee a very competitively priced product. We work with many individual authors and The Ashmolean, Oxford University Press, Bodleian Library and Oxford Archaeology, Whether it’s 50 or 15,000 copies of a book we can produce your book competitively, quickly and maintain communication with you throughout the process. We complete all books at our site in Exeter. We use Fsc paper, our environmental credentials are on our web site.
Oxford Independent Authors group – Colin Wade & Steve Lunn

The Oxford Independent Authors are a mutually supportive group of writers who meet to share expertise, preserving independence and joining together at collaborative events. The focus of this group is on marketing, promoting, selling and raising the profile of writers; it is not a creative writing group.

We meet once a month on Saturday afternoons at Headington Library in Bury Knowle Park, starting at 1.30pm.

If you are an independent author or working towards becoming one and would like more information please send me a message on Facebook/Instagram – @colinwadeauthor or on Whats App.

Follow link below for more …


Steve Sheppard
Steve Sheppard has three thrillers with laughs (the Dawson and Lucy Series): A Very Important Teapot (set in south eastern Australia), Bored to Death in the Baltics (set in Estonia) and Poor Table Manners (set in Cape Town).

‘Steve Sheppard is a gifted comic writer with a knack for clever plotting and thrills.’ Greg Mosse (author of The Coming Darkness, Murder at Bunting Manor etc)

Nick Green

Nick Green was born in Oxford, England in 1972. He is a writer, artist, poet, musician and restaurant manager. Having travelled the world living and working in Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Namibia and Botswana, he came home to Oxfordshire in 2016 where he lives happily with his Zambian wife and their two children. Published works include Boathouse to Botswana, Three Journeys to Patagonia, The Nightwatchman and The Oxford Botswana Murders.

The latest Amanda Godspeed novel Murder in the Italian Garden was published in 2023.

Shearsman Books

Editor, publisher and translator Tony Frazer founded Shearsman magazine in 1981, shortly followed by Shearsman Books. Based in south Oxfordshire, the imprint publishes poetry, plus poetry-related essays and literary criticism, and has a large and thriving translation list.


Susan Tapping
Susan is the author of science puzzle books at secondary school level and children’s fiction fantasy written for the 8 -12’s.
Chris Andrews Publications Ltd
Chris Andrews Publications has produced Guide Books, Coffee Table and Souvenir books in Oxford for 40 years. The company also publishes calendars, cards, posters and fridge magnets. All are photographed, designed and produced by ourselves. We also publish books and cards in the Cotswolds, Chilterns, Channel islands and Belfast
The Nasio Trust
The Nasio Trust is a UK and Kenya registered charity that has been working for the past 22-years to empower communities in rural, western Kenya to break the cycle of poverty and thrive through education, healthcare, and sustainable livelihoods. The charity supports over 300 vulnerable and orphaned children as well as small-scale farmers, entrepreneurs, and young people. Nasio’s founder and CEO, Nancy Hunt, has co-authored a book with Sylvia Vetta, inspired by her life’s events. All proceeds from the sale of the book are donated towards Nasio’s project to build the first community/ school library in the Mumias district of west Kenya.
Liisa Sabah

Liisa Sabah is a newly published author, she has always had a passion for reading, and growing up she fell in love with fantasy adventure books like the Narnia series, The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings.

Liisa has a passion for travel, too much coffee and a love for animals, especially those roaring big cats…lions! 

The Cocoon Within is Liisa’s debut fantasy adventure novel, an epic tale of spectacular creatures and other worlds with vibrant landscapes, all rolled into a gripping story that takes seventeen-year-old Ariana and her friends on the adventure of their lives! 

Neil J Hart

Neil J Hart won Wattpad Awards for his quirky fantasy adventure novels in 2021 and 2022. He is currently working on sequels to both books as well as a new sci-fi series slated for release in 2025.

The Last Scarecrow, Watty 2021 Winner for Horror, follows Erin (the last human girl) and Number Twelve (her last and most terrifying scarecrow) as they take a perilous journey across The Endless Blue in search of her missing brother. Dress for adventure. Pack for heartache. Suitable for readers 10+

Neil fosters for Cats Protection and loves a cheese and cucumber sandwich.

Selfishgenie Publishing

Selfishgenie Publishing is a boutique publishing house dedicated to providing a service for unknown, or relatively unknown, authors and allowing them to become better known. At the same time, we want readers to discover new work by new authors, while enjoying their reading experience.

Our philosophy is that readers can’t know if an author is worth reading until they have read one of their books, therefore those books need to be available for them to read.

As a small publishing house we can’t take on every author who wants to be published, but we can take a few risks. We can give a few unknown authors the break they deserve, while at the same time offering readers the chance to discover the next big name in publishing before their books become expensive to buy.

This year, our author Robert Cubitt will be exhibiting at November’s Oxford Indie Book fair. he is a multi-genre author of both fiction and non-fiction, so we are sure he will have soemthing to suit your reading tastes.

John Mair
John Mair is showcasing his book about Oxford’s most famous fictional policeman; Inspector Morse. The book helped celebrate the ending of filming of the Morse trilogy in Oxford earlier this year. John,  a resident of Jericho, has authored and published many other non-fiction books some of which will be available at the Fair. The Morse book will be supported by a set of 11 postcards of Oxford places that appeared in various of the Morse books.
Paul R. Somerville

Born in Burnley, Lancashire, Paul joined the British Army at the age of just 16 and served until 1999, having travelled widely, including three operational tours in the Former Yugoslavia during the Balkan conflict.

Paul writes fantasy and sci-fi, and has self-published two novels, The Stone of Radnor and The Gods of Winter; both part of the Guardian of the Stone trilogy – the final instalment, The Servant of Mieses, is due in 2024.

Since leaving the army Paul has worked in a variety of roles and organisations – but moved into Cyber Security, and is now a Principal Consultant for a UK based consultancy. Paul has lived in Malvern, Rugby, Farnham and now resides in Alton, Hampshire, with his two children, a mad-cat, two gerbils and several fish.

Outside of writing and work Paul is an avid supporter of Burnley FC and enjoys walking in the Hampshire and Surrey countryside and taking mini-adventures in his twenty-five year old campervan.

Josie Jaffrey
Josie is a fantasy and historical fiction author who lives in Oxford. She mostly writes about vampire romances, dystopian zombies, and lost civilisations. Her Oxford-based vampire murder mystery novel May Day won the Book Bloggers’ Novel of the Year Award 2021.
Banbury Writers Café
We are Banbury Writers’ Café, a group of writers that meet up every two weeks to talk about what we’re doing and encourage and support each other in our writing endeavours.
Helen Garraway

Helen Garraway is the USA Today Bestselling author of the award winning epic fantasy Sentinal series which was first published in 2020, followed by the first book of the fantasy romance SoulMist series, SoulBreather, released in 2022 as part of the Realm of Darkness boxset. 

Very excited to see SoulBreather and Sentinals Justice, Spring 2024 BookFest gold medal winners, up in Ames Square, New York.

An avid reader of many different fiction genres, a love she inherited from her mother, Helen writes fantasy novels and also enjoys paper crafting and scrapbooking as an escape from the pressure of the day job.

Having graduated from the University of Southampton with a Degree in Politics and International Relations, she remains an active member of their alumni.

Rohan Davies

Rohan Davies lives in Norfolk, overlooking the sea.

His debut fantasy novel, The Demon and the Witch, is a story of myth, magic and transformation.  Anike, a young herbalist, is cast into a new life while seeking a cure for her father’s illness. As she learns more about witchcraft, she must face former friends, monsters and betrayal before she can finally confront the consequences of her own power.

The Demon and the Witch is the first book of The Saga of the Witch. The second book, The Giant and the Witch, is due out towards the end of the year.

Rohan has read and enjoyed fantasy books his entire life, and has spent most of it designing and playing role-playing games. He worked as a lawyer before starting to write full-time.

Sophie Duncan

Beyond Paris, an Insider’s Guide to Rural France is a witty and informative romp through some of France’s less understood regions.

Sophie Duncan was born in Dublin and moved to London as a young child where she lived until moving to France as a newly-wed in her early 30’s. After being immersed in renovating a 16th century château and running businesses and holiday homes for over 20 years, Sophie was invited to participate in Channel 4’s Escape to the Chateau DIY.

The experience inspired her to discover the regions and departments which other Châteaunauts in the series had been drawn to. Her own experience of living in the deep south west, beyond Carcassonne, leads her exploration into the pros and cons of rural France.n 2016 the author returned to Oxford where she founded Oxford History Tours.

Oxford History Tours offers specialised historic tours of this city. Sophie has an honours degree in art and art history from Oxford Brookes.

Beyond Paris is her debut. She also writes about France on Medium.

Writers in Oxford

Writers in Oxford is the society for published writers and authors in Oxford and Oxfordshire. Founded in 1992, it now has over 200 members spread across the city, the county and beyond. Members represent every genre of writing: non-fiction (academic and popular); fiction (contemporary and historical, mysteries); biography, memoir, poetry, children’s.

WiO aims to provide opportunities for published writers to meet one another in an informal and friendly way. There is an extensive programme of events.

Dominika Caddick
Kettering-based mum of two, wife of one, and author on the rise. After her first publication in Poland in 2020, she’s gone on to release five more gripping tales. When not penning her next page-turner, Dominika loves travelling, spending quality time with friends and family, and dreaming up her next big story idea. “The Wish List” Embarking on a journey to unravel the mysteries left behind, Lucy finds herself in an unfamiliar territory as she must convince an uncooperative recluse, John Harris, to keep the promise he had made to her mother.

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Brookes University10
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Cllr John Howson50
Louise Shaw32
Paula de Fougerolles15

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