Additional Advertising

At the book fair, we will be displaying rolling adverts on large screens arouund the venue, for example, in the reading / meeting area inthe lobby outside the main hall and on the GIANT screen in the centre of the main hall betweeen presentations. You can submit content for inclusion in that video roll. Below is a guide to prices and the required formats. In order to keep these prices absolutely to the bone, we MUST insist that supplied materials are formatted as requested. We are able to adjust your content if necessary, but we would need to charge a small fee.

We will add a table number to the top-right of the screen so people can come find you.

Please email us as at info (at) oxfordindiebookfair (dot co dot uk) with your ad materials and well invoice when the showreel is complete.

Large files / videos: Please send using

As we will be editing the video up to the last minute, we will invoice for these just before the show. Please don’t leave it too late or your AD may not make it to the final edit.

You can see a partiakl edit of the video onthe homepage.

(These specs maybe subject to some refinement)

Single image insertion: £25

Please supply PORTRAIT book cover image or artwork as a JPG (NO PDFs!) ideally 1200px wide.

Your book cover will appear on the screen during the ad-roll. If you supply a BUY link, we can put in a QR code on the screen.

The video needs to also fit on a 3:4 screen so any landscape images will be omitted from the giant 3:4 screen or cropped / shrunk.

For example, you can provide a nice-looking composite with your book cover, a background and some text. Remember both formats (square is okay!)

Remember that your image will be on screen for 20-30 seconds, so avoid lengthy text and small writing.

Your own video advert insertion: £25

Please supply your own video in MP4 format. 30FPS.

If you want to have your video appear on the huge screen then also supply 3:4 or square format video.

Maximum duration 30sec.

The audio on the screens may be turned down or low at times, so please don’t rely on information in any voiceover.

Please also provide proof of licensing of any music, prominent images or clips in your videos (eg license doc / receipt from AudioJungle, Shutterstock etc). You will assume TOTAL responsibility for any licensing and copyright matters.

Plese send vidoe files by Wetransfer (see link at top of page)