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Previous exhibitors included:

Oxford eBooks

ORGANISER: Specialists in eBook design and digital print publishing since 2010. Publishing over 70 of their own books and producing literally thousands of titles for independent authors and publishers, both locally and world-wide. Speak with Andy at the fair about getting your project published.

Sylvia Vetta

ORGANISER: Sylvia is best known locally for the 10 years she recorded the lives of inspirational people in her Oxford Castaway features. Since 2016, she has concentrated on writing fiction and poetry. Sculpting the Elephant is set in Jericho (Oxford) and India and is inspired by her own mixed race relationship. Brushstrokes in Time is the fictional memoir of Chinese artist Little Winter, who tries to re-establish the bond with her American daughter, telling the story of her rebellious past in an era where self-expression and love were a dangerous act. Former Chief Foreign Correspondent of the Guardian, John Gittings, read it determined to find fault but says that he failed and has endorsed it.

Ray Foulk

ORGANISER: stole Dylan from Woodstock in 1969 and wrote about the experience in Stealing Dylan from Woodstock followed by The Last Great Event and, with his daughter Caroline, has written the novel Picasso’s Revenge.


ORGANISER: Oxfordfolio (non-fiction) & Anglepoise Books (fiction). James has spent a lifetime’s career in publishing and his expertise is at your service if you wish for help in self-publishing your story.

The Oxford Children’s Book Group (OCBG)

Part of the Federation of Children’s Book Groups, which aims to promote children’s books and nurture a love of reading. We are a story-loving group of writers, parents, teachers, librarians, students, illustrators, publishers and bookworms of all ages. We run events in schools and for families, writing workshops, conferences, author talks and Book Swaps.

The Walton Street Writers Group

We invite you to meet us, visit our stall, chat to the authors and maybe buy a book or two. We write stories for enjoyment, sales, profit and to support charities. Grouped around the established author, Sara Banerji, we meet weekly to read, criticise, encourage and enjoy the stories we write.

Claret Press

Claret Press is a micro publisher based in South London, specialising in mysteries and thrills and chronicles and memoirs. Our books inform and entertain. Intelligent, provocative and diverse, they introduce readers to new ideas, unexplored places and pivotal events.  Facebook: ClaretPublishing

Tony Morrison: Mud Pie Books

Buddhist Books and Books for Buddhists.

We are an independent specialist online publisher, dedicated to showcasing the best in Buddhist writing. Our lead title, The Buddha, Geoff and Me, has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide.

John Mair: Bite Sized Books

John Mair is the most published author/editor on British journalism/media matters. He has edited 43 books in the last twelve years. The latest WHAT PRICE CHANNEL FOUR NOW? and MORSE,LEWIS ENDEAVOUR AND OXFORD.CELEBRATING 35 YEARS ON SCREEN(Bite Sized Books November 2021)


Dictum is one of Oxford’s newest publishers, run from the home of Julia Cameron in Kidlington. She say’s ‘We’re giving away ‘very Oxford Cat’ pencils on November 6.’

Steve Sheppard

Author of comedy spy thrillers: A Very Important Teapot, set in Australia and launching its sequel, the equally funny Bored to Death in the Baltics, which is not set in Australia.

Gary Browning

Professor of Political Thought, Oxford Brookes University.

Essays by musicians, film makers, philosophers, poets, literary scholars
Reviews Dylan songs, albums, films, sculpture and much more

Diana Bell

An award winning multi- media artist including sculpture, public art and painting.  Her work focuses on the relationship between humans and the environment.

Sue Clark

Former BBC scriptwriter, Sue Clark, is no stranger to comedy. Over the years she’s penned funny lines for many TV and radio stars including Lenny Henry, David Jason and Tracey Ullman. She brings that comedic sparkle to her novel, NOTE TO BOY.

Marissa de Luna

…grew up in Goa and now lives in Oxford. Her popular Detective series, The Chupplejeep Mysteries, is set in rural Goa. Miramar Monsoon is the latest book in the series. For more information see

Elisabeth Hallett

Author of Mouse-wolf

Set in the alleyways of 21st century Beijing, Mouse-wolf is a story of hopes and dreams, loss and destruction, in which the lives of 10-year-old Xiao Mei and a weasel become fatefully entwined. (The cover illustration is by fellow exhibitor  Weimin He.

Mark Davies

Mark Davies is an Oxford local historian and guide,

Mark is particularly interest in: the city’s waterways, the central suburbs, Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’, and the origins of hot-air ballooning. His publications include A Towpath Walk in Oxford, Stories of Oxford Castle, Alice in Waterland and King of all Balloons. He is a committee member of the Lewis Carroll Society and of the Alliance of Literary Societies, and Chair of the Jericho Living Heritage Trust.

Liz Woolley

Oxfordshire local historian Liz Woolley will stock inexpensive books about lesser-known aspects of the county and city’s past. Discover how Oxfordshire residents were involved in the Spanish Civil War; where you can find remnants of Oxford’s industrial past; and how a plumber from Banbury – Thomas Kingerlee – transformed Oxford in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Susan Stead

Winner of the Impress Prize 2019, published on 2nd April 2021.  Idiosyncratic, tragic, yet at times hilarious, this book comes out of a long-term connection with Stephen, who the author first met when he was under section on a psychiatric ward. For more information visit

Karen French

Author * Artist Game Designer * Speaker My books are based on extensive research into subjects covering the Sciences, Arts and beliefs. They are always highly illustrated with insightful quotes and examples across disciplines and cultures. I hope they inspire readers to look at reality from a different perspective from what they are used to and to delve further for themselves.

Peter Tickler

Peter Tickler is the author of 7 contemporary crime novels set in Oxford. Having lived half his life in Oxford, he writes about ‘town’ not ‘gown’ and is known for the authenticity of his real Oxford – though he does sometimes just make things up!

“I couldn’t quite believe the site of some of the most critical action didn’t really exist” – Daily Information

Korky Paul

One of the 20% hardcore elite still scribbling with Pen ‘n Ink on Paper. Winnie the Witch and her long suffering cat Wilbur…
From the pen of Korky Paul, the much loved illustrator of children’s books, presents his most famous character, the multi-million selling witch sporting a pair of Bacon ‘n eggs – red ‘n yellow stripy legs!

Richard O. Smith

Amazon no.1 author and comedian Richard O. Smith is once again sticking his fork of curiosity into the live toaster of opportunity. Yes, that is quite dangerous. But he fears no extended metaphor. Once described as a ‘jam-packed jamboree of jollity’ by TV’s Dr Lucy Worsley, Smith’s latest comic essays The Best Ladled Pans of Rice and Penne build upon the success of his previous book Oxford Examined: Town & Clown (‘An outstanding comic writer’ – Countdown’s Susie Dent). Richard has written for BBC comedies including The Now Show and The News Quiz.

Debrah Martin

Debrah Martin writes psychological thrillers and literary fiction, as well as YA fiction under 3 pennames – Debrah Martin, D. B. Martin and Lilt Stuart. She is also an artist and teaches creative writing, publishing and oil painting. They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but it just about equals the paintbrush, and one of Debrah’s non-fiction is all about painting and how she uses her writing to inspire her art, and vice versa. Two of her adult fiction books how won Indie awards, and she has three new books releasing this year, alongside numerous art exhibitions around Oxfordshire.

Holywell Press

One of Oxford’s oldest and best-loved commercial printers. Holywell Press help organisations and individuals bring their brands to life with elegant graphic design and lovingly-crafted print and digital material.
16-17 Kings Meadow, Ferry Hinksey Road, Oxford, OX2 0DP

The Four Wordsmen

The Four Wordsmiths are a quartet of performance poets, whose poems and stories vary from the seriously silly to the perilously profound. Their latest collection, ‘Words Go Out To Play’, is visually enhanced by Adrian Lancini’s ingenious page designs and typographic wit. Catch the Wordsmen performing live at the second Oxford Indie Book Fair.’

Chris Andrews

Chris is the Oxford photographer whose publishing business has produced and sold over a million books to date.

Mario Coelho

Mario Coelho is a professional illustrator who has worked on several children’s books. He has worked for a number of publishers, including the Oxford University Press for whom he illustrated Oscar Wilde’s The Canterville Ghost.

Linda Newbery

Linda Newbery is best known for fiction for children, teenagers and adults, and won the Costa Children’s Book Prize with her young adult novel Set in Stone. With her latest publication she turns to non-fiction and a subject close to her heart. This Book is Cruelty Free – Animals and Us looks at the choices we make in our daily lives: what we eat, buy, wear, use, waste and throw away, their effects on animals and the environment, and how we can make better, more sustainable choices.

John Buckley

Given current events in Ukraine, John Buckley’s work is poignantly relevant. He was a war artist in Cambodia for a landmine  removal charity. He is best known in Oxford for being the sculptor of the Headington Shark. Oxford City Council spent six years trying to get the shark taken down. During the long enquiry John made sketches inside the Town Hall. They will be on public display for the first time on April 2.


The Windrush group celebrates the arrival of the African Caribbean community in Britain on HMT Windrush in 1948.

Poet’s House Pamphlets

Poet’s House Pamphlets was set up in 2019 by Jenny Lewis, through the Poet’s House, Oxford, in order to publish the poems of a small selection of poets over the age of 40 whose work has reached the standard of many other published poets. We strive for excellence, matching the high calibre of the poems to outstanding design and typography and high-specification production and printing values. Our aim has been to produce pamphlets which are visually stunning, tactile, and exhilarating to read – yet affordable.

Jane Rogers

Jane Rogers has published ten novels, a collection of stories, original television and radio drama, and adapted work for radio. Her novels range from historical (Mr Wroe’s Virgins, which she adapted into an award-winning BBC2 serial) through contemporary (Island, about a young woman who sets out to murder her mother) to science fiction (The Testament of Jessie Lamb, ManBooker longlisted, winner of the Arthur C Clarke Award 2012).
She is Professor Emerita of Writing at Sheffield Hallam University, and has taught writing to a wide variety of students. Her latest novel Body Tourists is a dystopia set in 2045. ‘Unputdownable’ Sunday Times. Jane lives in Banbury.

Sarah Watkinson

Photovoltaic is Sarah Watkinson’s first full poetry collection. All life on earth is powered by sunshine captured by photosynthesis, a photovoltaic reaction. The book includes work from Sarah’s Wytham Woods writing residency, and ranges widely across Nature. What might it be like to be a photosynthetic human? What does your cat really think of you? This book offers answers.

The Nasio Trust – Changing Lives for Good – Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

The Abingdon-based charity empowers communities in western Kenya to break the cycle of poverty by providing education, improving health and developing commerce. The young adult novel Not so Black and White is inspired by the life experiences of the charity’s founder Nancy Mudenyo Hunt growing up in Kenya and her experience as a diversity trainer with the Thames Valley Police.

Not so Black and White

Oxford Writers Group

The Oxford Writers Group (OWG) is the oldest of its kind in Oxford. Its inception dates from 1983 and over the years it has helped numerous writers to fulfil their dreams of publication. OWG set up Oxpens under which the group published five successful anthologies of short stories, all of which are set in Oxford, or in the surrounding countryside. The latest is ‘The Radcliffe Legacy and other Oxford Stories’.

Ffiona Perigrinor

Ffiona von Westhoven Perigrinor is a former teacher, freelance journalist, book-reviewer and broadcaster. Her first degree was in Modern History and Political Science at Trinity Collage Dublin, followed twenty-five years later by a second MA in Women’s History, Gender and Society at Royal Holloway, University of London. In 1999 she qualified as a psychoanalyst at the CG Jung Institute in Zurich and has private practices in London and West Oxfordshire. She has also just had published: Life in a Medieval Gentry Household: Alice de Bryene of Acton Hall, Suffolk, c. 1360-1435, (Routledge)

Woodstock Book Shop

The Woodstock Bookshop Sometimes it feels like Amazon is taking over so please support your local independent bookshops. It’s where you can browse and be surprised. It is a source of support for local readers and writers and a community hub. The Oxford Indie Book Fair wants to be the same – a place where book lovers readers, writers, poets, illustrators artists and independent publishers can meet and share ideas and support each other.

Onyeka Nwelue

Onyeka Nwelue is the founder of the Oxford-based James Currey Society. A filmmaker and author of over 11 award-winning books, he is a member of The Oxford Union Society. His non-fiction book, Hip-Hop is Only for Children won the Creative Non-Fiction Book of the Year at the 2015 Nigerian Writers’ Awards. He was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, by Universite Queensland in Haiti. He studied Ancient Masterpieces of World Literature at Harvard University and Business of Music at Berklee College of Music in Boston. He is currently a visiting assistant professor and Visiting Fellow of African Literature and studies in the English Language Department of the Faculty of Humanities, Manipur University in Imphal, India. He is an Academic Visitor at the African Studies Centre, University of Oxford.

Adrian Bradshaw

British photojournalist Adrian Bradshaw presents his large format monochrome book ’The Door Opened : 1980s China’

The production by Impress Publishing, designed by Professor Phil Cleaver, is a unique personal record of the start of the era of reform and opening up in the People’s Republic. It represents the foundation of Bradshaw’s career of three decades covering the story of the most populous nation’s rise from poverty to economic superpower.