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Digital publishing specialists providing eBook production, typesetting, Print on Demand, Website creation and hosting.



Publishing science fiction by local and international indie writers.

Oxfordfolio / Anglepoise Books

Oxfordfolio is an independent Oxford publisher, specialising in self-publishing. Founded by James Harrison in 2010, Oxfordfolio creates high-quality, eye-catching books that create a lasting impression both on the page and in the bookstore. Just published this year is Around The World by Land, Sea and Air by Mike Harry.

In 2019, James launched his new imprint for fiction–Anglepoise Books–most recently publishing a collection of short stories by Liz Henderson, The West Façade.

Oxfordfolio / Anglepoise Books
Your Life. Your Story. Your Book.

Ray Foulk &
Caroline Foulk

Father and daughter, Ray and Caroline have written a play, screenplays and books together, including memoirs documenting Ray Foulk’s life as creator of the Isle of Wight Rock Festivals. They have recently published their long awaited novel ‘Picasso’s Revenge’.

Sylvia Vetta

Sylvia Vetta is an author, journalist and speaker who wrote the life stories of 120 well known people she sent to her imaginary island of Oxtopia. Her latest novel Sculpting the Elephant is set in Oxford and India and reflects her own life experience including her experiences running Oxford Antiques Centre which she named as the ‘Jam Factory’. Her first novel Brushstrokes in Time (Claret Press) was inspired and informed by in depth interviews with the Stars artist Qu Leilei who along with Ai Weiwei marched in 1979 under a banner saying ‘In Politics we want Democracy and in Art freedom.’ Leilei’s father Qu Bo was a famous novelist and Madame Mao turned Tracks in the Snowy Forest into for one of her model operas. The background detail is unique and Brushstrokes in Time has just been released in German by Drachenhaus Verlag .Qu Leilei has regularly exhibited in Oxford including two one man exhibitions at The Ashmolean

Steve Sheppard

Presenting his Debut novel, “A very Important Teapot”. A comedy spy thriller.

Liz Woolley

Oxfordshire local historian Liz Woolley will stock inexpensive books about lesser-known aspects of the county and city’s past. Discover how Oxfordshire residents were involved in the Spanish Civil War; where you can find remnants of Oxford’s industrial past; and the most interesting and iconic of the city’s trees.

www.lizwoolley.co.uk | www.huxleyscientific.com

Oxford Review of Books

This year marks the third anniversary of the Oxford Review of Books. As a local cultural magazine, it is the home of long-form book reviews and essays, diary pieces, and contemporary poetry.

Over the years, the Oxford Review of Books, otherwise known as the ORB, has built itself a collection of interviews with politicians, activists, classicists, as well as renowned authors, actors and philosophers such as Salman Rushdie, Sir Derek Jacobi and Miranda Fricker. The ORB also supports emerging artists, writers and critics. Each of its termly issue showcase exclusive artwork and prints the winning entry of its short story contest.

The ORB prides itself in participating in the local cultural scene. Each term, the editorial team hosts a guest lecture (past speakers include figures such as Zahra Hankir and Stephen Fry) and a poetry evening (starring eminent and emerging writers, such as Jamie McKendrick, Mary Jean Chan and Mukahang Limbu) but the term’s highlight remains the ORB Launch Party, thrown for the publication of a new issue.

The ORB is available at Blackwell’s and in newsagents across the country. To find the nearest bookshop for you and to keep up to date with our events, visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter.


John & Caitlín Matthews

JOHN & CAITLÍN MATTHEWS are ‘Oxford’s answer to all things mythic’ (Oxford Mail), being the authors of over 150 books. As storytellers, they focus upon the myths of Britain, the Celtic Countries, the Arthurian legends, and the living ancestral traditions that nourish the soul. They teach internationally, as well as advising historically on films and tv.


Walton Street Writers

We invite you to meet us, visit our stall, chat to the authors and maybe buy a book or two. We write stories for enjoyment, sales, profit and to support charities. Grouped around the established author, Sara Banerji, we meet weekly to read, criticise, encourage and enjoy the stories we write.

Mark Atherton

Mark Atherton teaches and researches Medieval English literature and English linguistics at Regent’s Park College and Mansfield College, University of Oxford. As well as these research areas he is also interested in the history of language, medievalism, and the setting of medieval poems to music. He will be signing copies of three of his recent books which are all linked by a theme of connections – that the past is not ‘another country’ but is grounded in deep roots that have shaped the present language of this country, its towns and villages and countryside, its political attitudes and institutions and even its literature.

Oxford Children’s Book Group

The OCBG is a local charity which works with local teachers, school librarians, and parents to celebrate the joys of literature with children and students of all ages.
Based in Oxford, we are the local branch of the national Federation of Children’s Book groups and work across the county. To bring children and books together, we run a wide range of fun activities, workshops and events designed to open the doors to literacy, story and the love of literature. New members are always welcome! Membership (school/ individual) is £15 per year.

David Richardson

Dave Richardson has been a journalist for over 40 years, mainly as a freelance writer specialising in the travel and tourism industry which has involved travel all over the world. He has lived in Oxford since 1980 and is editor of the Oxford Drinker, the bi-monthly magazine of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) Oxford branch. Dave has written one novel – Nightfall (Citron Press, 1999) – and three travel-related books: Travel and Tourism in the CEE Countries (Financial Times Business Ltd, 1999), ABTA: The First Fifty Years (ABTA, 2000) and TTG@50 (TTG, 2003).


Peter Tickler

Peter Tickler has written 6 crime novels set in and around Oxford. Praised for the authenticity and pace of his writing, he also runs creative writing classes, has written 2 short films and a very successful murder mystery play.

He loves talking to groups!

Marissa de Luna

Marissa de Luna is a passionate author who started writing in her late twenties. After spending her early years growing up in Goa, Marissa returned to England. She now lives in Oxford with her husband and two children. Her works include a psychological thriller and romantic suspense, but her main offering is cosy crime. She is a member of the Society of Authors and the Crime Writers’ Association.

The Chupplejeep Mysteries are light-hearted detective novels set in rural Goa. The first book in the series is Under the Coconut Tree where the reader is introduced to Detective Chupplejeep and Police Officer Pankaj. The Body in the Bath and Jackpot Jetty are the second and third books in the series. Marissa is currently working on the next instalment – Murder in the Monsoon.

Appleton Wildlife Diaries

16 Year old, wildlife photographer and blogger, Alex White believes that a lifetime of caring for the environment can start close to home with fantastic experiences.

Along with a host of well-known contributors, he reveals the simple and low-cost ways that people can enjoy nature.
Together they share their passion, reveal what got them into wildlife in the first place and show how to get closer to it – now they want you to Get Your Boots On.

Shotover Wildlife

Presenting their not-for-profit book written and produced by members of Shotover Wildlife


Bombus Books

Bombus Books is the publishing imprint of Oxford Inc, a group of Oxfordshire writers. As a group, they have collaborated in the publication of several Oxford-based collections of story stories, some of which have raised significant sums for local charities and, individually, they work on other projects of their own.

Writers in Oxford

Writers in Oxford provides opportunities for writers to meet one another, discuss issues of mutual interest, and enjoy a range of literary and other activities. Our mission is ‘Engage, exchange, enjoy…’

Korky Paul

One of the 20% hardcore elite still scribbling with Pen ‘n Ink on Paper.

Winnie the Witch and her long suffering cat Wilbur…
From the pen of Korky Paul, the much loved illustrator of children’s books, presents his most famous character, the multi-million selling witch sporting a pair of Bacon ‘n eggs – red ‘n yellow stripy legs!
Age 5+

Weimin He

Many of you will have seen the artist’s work displayed on giant hoardings at the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter because Weimin He worked as artist in residence between 2009- 2015. Tower of the Winds is a recent publication recording his work during that time. Weimin He was born in Heilongjiang and came to the UK in 1999 and was awarded his PhD at the University of Belfast. He moved to Oxford in 2005 as Christensen Fellow at the Ashmolean and his ‘Building of the New Ashmolean’ was the first exhibition in the rebuilt museum. Since 2015 Weimin has concentrated on self – expression in his art and worked hard to connect artists and print makers from the UK and China – particularly from Manchuria. He will be participating and curating an exhibition the is summer in Oxford Brookes Glass Cube where you will be able to see his new work.

Oxford-based trade publisher specialising in travel writing, history and local interest.


Oxford Towpath Press

Mark Davies is an Oxford local historian, guide, and author with an especial interest in the history and literature of Oxford’s waterways. This focus stems from having lived on a narrowboat on the Oxford Canal since 1992, but more generally his expertise encompasses topics with ‘Town’ rather than ‘Gown’ associations. Mark is the author of A Towpath Walk in Oxford and Stories of Oxford Castle, both self-published under the imprint of Oxford Towpath Press, as well as two distinctive books on Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’ (on which topic he has spoken as far afield as India). His biography of the Oxford pastry cook James Sadler, the first Englishman to fly, is called ‘King of all Balloons’, and he is currently preparing a booklet on the ancient boundaries of the city on behalf of the Museum of Oxford, which he is advising in preparation for its reopening early in 2021.


The Greystones Press is a small independent publishing company, based in Oxfordshire, specialising in good adult and young adult fiction and adult non-fiction in areas that interest us. These include literature, art, music, history, mythology and fairy tales.


The Four Wordsmen

The Four Wordsmen are a quartet of performance poets, whose poems and stories vary from the seriously silly to the perilously profound. Their latest collection, ‘Words Go Out To Play’, is visually enhanced by Adrian Lancini’s ingenious page designs and typographic wit. There will also be a chance at the Indie Book Fair to catch the Wordsmen performing live.


Angela Mills

Bobby the Brown Long-Eared Bat by Angela Mills, Mills Stride Publications

Mills Stride Publications was set up to enable the self publishing of the first book in the series of Bobby the Brown Long Eared Bat. The book is aimed at early readers; it is educational and exciting and we are pleased to be able to support the Bat Conservation Trust who receive 10 percent of the net proceeds to help the charity’s increasingly valuable work. The book is beautifully illustrated by Kate Wyatt with a foreword kindly provided by Chris Packham.


Elisabeth Hallett

Elisabeth Hallett lived in China for many years, working as an editor and in education. She met her Chinese husband in Beijing and returns frequently on family visits. She now lives in Oxford. ‘Mouse-wolf’ is her first published novel.

‘Mouse-wolf’ is the story of family in turmoil one unbearably hot summer in Beijing. Dreams, superstitions and three weasels all play a part as three generations navigate their way through very unsettling times.

‘Mouse-wolf’ is illustrated by Oxford-based artist Weimin He, and is published by Oxfordfolio under its new fiction imprint Anglepoise Books.

Sara Banerji

Sara Banerji, author, sculptor, artist and creative writing teacher, is a well-established figure in the literary world. As well as writing her own work, she teaches creative writing, hosts writers’ discussion groups – and launched Oxford’s vibrant monthly ‘SparkOxford’ storytelling series.

She is the daughter of Anita Mostyn, a novelist who wrote in the 1950’s under the pen name Anne Mary Feilding, and of Sir Basil Mostyn, Bart.

A descendant of the same family as 18th century “father of the novel form”, Henry Fielding, Sara’s voice is described by critics as ‘original and highly imaginative’ ‘entertaining’, ’bold’, ‘punchy’, ‘exciting’, ‘gripping, fluid and confident’. She is widely acclaimed as ‘a very gifted storyteller’.

Sara also exhibits her paintings and sculptures in Oxford using found materials and unique innovative techniques, and is a keen gardener and beekeeper. In addition to her published work, she has also independently published a number of novels.

Our fiction and creative non-fiction explore the human spirit and our shared world through highly readable narratives, often with a political edge. Katie Isbester, our editor/publisher, also hosts a podcast, Claret and Conversation: Voices from the Creative Industry.


The Oxford Writers’ Group (OWG) is the oldest of its kind in Oxford. Its inception dates from 1983 and over the years it has helped numerous writers to fulfil their dreams of publication. OWG set up Oxpens under which the group published five successful anthologies of short stories, all of which are set in Oxford, or in the surrounding countryside. The latest is The Radcliffe Legacy and other Oxford Stories.’

Published current members include: Crime: Ann Granger; Fiction: Liz Harris, Mary Cavanagh, Sylvia Vetta, Heather Rosser, Barbara Hudson, Rosie Orr, Margaret Pelling, Jane Gordon Cumming; Children’s fiction: John Kitchen, Chris Blount, Jane Stemp, Sheila Costello; Non-fiction: Gina Claye, Sylvia Vetta, Heather Rosser, Mary Cavanagh.


Richard O Smith

Amazon no. 1 author and comedian Richard O. Smith is once again sticking his fork of curiosity into the live toaster of opportunity. Yes, that is quite dangerous. But he fears no extended metaphor.

Once described as ‘a jam-packed jamboree of jollity’ by TV’s Dr Lucy Worsley, Smith’s latest comic essays The Best Ladled Pans of Rice and Penne build upon the success of his previous book Oxford Examined: Town & Clown (‘An outstanding comic writer’ – Countdown’s Susie Dent). Richard has written for BBC comedies including The Now Show and The News Quiz.

Karen French

Archetypal symbolism, especially sacred geometry, is Karen’s passion. She is an international, best selling author, artist, speaker and, more recently, a Game Designer. Numerate and creative Karen studied Mathematics and Management Sciences and then spent many years in international marketing, during which time she was published on several occasions. For the last 20 years she has devoted her time to extensive research across many disciplines for The Gateway Series books, and exploring archetypal symbolism through her Alchemical art. Current titles in the series include, ‘Gateway to the Heavens’ and ‘The Hidden Geometry of Life’.


Luminal 11

Liminal 11 is a mind, body, spirit publishing company with a focus on illustration/comic arts, aiming to create products that are of benefit to the world and produced by a diverse range of voices. Their first publication, The Luna Sol Tarot, was released in 2018. They’ve since published a large range of beautiful books. In November 2019 they published Lisa Sterle’s long-awaited Modern Witch Tarot, as well as books on plant folklore, mental health and veganism by Fez Inkwright, Natalie Dormady and Sara Botero.


Julie Ann Godson

Julie Ann Godson studied modern history at the University of Oxford, trained as a journalist, and worked in publishing for 20 years. She now lives in rural Oxfordshire and makes regular appearances talking about her research. She puts up a daily Oxfordshire history post on Facebook at @julieanngodson. She very much hopes that, while her research adheres to the proper standards of academic rigour, her writing style will appeal to all


Jake Lynch

I divide my time between Australia, where I’m Associate Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at Sydney University, and Oxford, where my historical mystery thrillers are set. In my spare time I act in my local pantomime, and run a book group. Before taking up an academic post, I enjoyed a 20-year career in journalism, with spells as a Political Correspondent for Sky News, and the Sydney Correspondent for the Independent, culminating in a role as an on-air presenter for BBC World TV News. For my work in developing, researching, teaching and training in Peace Journalism, I was awarded the 2017 Luxembourg Peace Prize by the Schengen Peace Foundation.


Gerald Vinestock

All the monsters destroyed by Hercules have returned. Ten-year-old Crib deals with them all by wit and intelligence and without violence.
The Nemean Lion becomes a vegetarian; the Cretan Bull now runs a china shop; the Erymanthian Boar writes love poetry and other monsters are
similarly tamed. Crib is hindered by her well-meaning but incompetent uncle.


Debrah Martin

Debrah Martin writes psychological thrillers and literary fiction, as well as YA fiction under 3 pennames – Debrah Martin, D.B. Martin and Lily Stuart. She is also an artist and teaches creative writing and publishing and oil painting. They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but it just about equals the paint brush, and one of Debrah’s non-fiction books is all about painting and how she uses her writing to inspire her art, and vice versa. Two of her adult fiction books have won Indie awards, and she has three new books releasing this year, alongside numerous art exhibitions around Oxfordshire. You can find out more about her and her work at


Julia E M Cameron (MA Aberdeen) served for 25 years as an obituarist for The Independent and The Times, and she is a contributor to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Julia is active as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA).


Heather Rosser

Heather’s writing career began as a journalist for the Botswana Guardian newspaper.

On moving to Oxford she worked as an educational author for primary schools in Africa including Rwanda and South Sudan.She is secretary of the Oxford Writers Group and has stories in several of our short story anthologies.Her novel, In the Line of Duty, published in 2014, was shortlisted for the Romantic Novelists’ Association Joan Hessayon Award. Set in North Wales and London in the First World War, the novel draws on family memoir and historical fact as well as the author’s own imagination.Growing Up in the Mandara Mountains, published in June 2018, is a memoir about her daughter’s early life in a remote part of Nigeria where they spent time with healers and traditional chiefs in remote villages finding out about local customs.She is currently writing a sequel, Coming of Age in Botswana, covering a turbulent period in Southern Africa’s history.Heather is available for talks and workshops about Memoir Writing.


Mud Pie Books

Buddhist Books and Books for Buddhists

We are an independent specialist online publisher, dedicated to showcasing the best in Buddhist writing. Our lead title, The Buddha, Geoff and Me, has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide.



The Live Art and Performance Group (LAPER)

LAPER was launched at Oxford Brookes University in 2015 by Veronica Cordova de la Rosa and Peta Lloyd, with the aim of raising the profile of Live and Performance Art in Oxford and creating opportunities in order to support students, artists and researchers in developing and recording their own work.
LAPER has organised presentations by local and international performers, workshops led by invited artists and performance art events on the streets and in public spaces as well as in art institutions in Oxford, London and elsewhere. The group produces documentation and publications of performances and writing related to performance art in a variety of forms, such as poetry and critical reviews. They currently hold bi-monthly performance evenings in St. Aldates Tavern, Oxford.

Essential Audiobooks

Catherine O’Brien’s love of reading inspired her to set up Essential Audiobooks, to bring her favorite books, both classic and modern, vividly to life, narrated by some of the most talented narrators in the business.

Asylum Welcome

Asylum Welcome has worked with refugees, asylum seekers and immigration detainees in Oxfordshire since 1993, to relieve their poverty and distress, help them access their rights and entitlements, receive a fair hearing of their asylum case, and be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. At Asylum Welcome we aim to help refugees feel welcome, safe and confident. Asylum Welcome is the only organisation in Oxfordshire providing a holistic range of integrated advice and support services, backed by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner, OISC, which address the complex issues faced by asylum seekers, refugees, and vulnerable migrants. This includes those who have been refused asylum and struggle with destitution while continuing to make their case to remain, as well as families brought to Oxfordshire from Syria under the government resettlement scheme. Its welcoming offices offer a place where people can come to use computers, submit applications and skype with family, and find a cup of coffee and a friendly face.
With the right help, the refugees we see are keen to settle in and share their skills to contribute to the community.

How you can help

40% of our funding is thanks to the generosity and loyalty of local people – please do consider making a donation here: www.asylum-welcome.org/donate or holding a fundraiser for us. Thank you!