Thanks to everyone who attended the FIRST FREE admission Oxford Indie Book Fair on Saturday 6th November 2021.

Our aim is to showcase small independent publishers, local writers, poets, illustrators and artists. Oxfordshire is bursting with talent and we want to celebrate it. After Covid19 turned our world upside down and led to the postponement of the fair TWICE, we wondered whether the gods were against us. Perhaps we shouldn’t have worried. The endorsements from exhibitors and visitors rolled in. Here are some of them.

Tony Morris: Publisher, Mud Pie Books and Port Meadow Press

WELL DONE. An absolute triumph and a great vision of things to come.

Karen French: Author

Fantastic book fair! Really enjoyed it, sold books, made connections, had interesting conversations. I am sure next year will be even better.

Korky Paul: Illustrator

We had great fun and sold lots of books.

Graham Crossley: Visitor and book buyer

Greetings and congratulations on a lively and successful Book Fair! I thoroughly enjoyed it even though my debit card took a bit of a beating on account of the ten or so books I bought….I had to go to Waterstones during a lunch break to buy a sturdy tote bag to haul them home in!  The talks were stimulating and enlightening.

Susan Stead: Exhibitor

Thank you so much for the effort and energy you put into setting up the first Oxford Indie Book Fair!  It feels so good to have this collaborative approach and I really appreciated it. It has potential to become an annual major Oxford event.

Marissa De Luna: Exhibitor

It was indeed a success and no doubt down to your meticulous planning and hard work.

Diana Bell: Artist

I did very well & met many interesting people. OXIB is great at getting people together!

Sue Clarke: Exhibitor

Thank the team so much for yesterday. I had a good time, met some great people and even sold some books.

You can see more pictures from the event on the homepage.

Despite exhaustion, we were persuaded to have our Second Oxford Indie Book Fair on Saturday April 2nd to coincide with the Oxford Literary Festival.

PLEASE SPREAD the word so that even more people can come and enjoy it. Tell your friends that it is free admission with free entertainment!
BOOKS for ALL - whatever age, gender, or background!