Issue #6: Editorial - by Andy Severn

I had started out when putting together this edition with the intent of curating a selection of science and science fiction themed pieces. Easy enough, given that I’m a total sci-fi nut and have the good fortune to publish sci-fi for a living. As the articles started to come in, I decided that I’d be a little less strict with vetting the themes. And so along came Vic Blake’s revelation of where those odd socks go, and an apologetic poem about teleportation from Meg Barton.
Hard-core and prolific writers Drew Bryenton and Nick Cook brought the more serious fantasy and science-fiction to the party.

You’ll also find more conventional topics from Ffiona Perigjor and Katie Ibester, but the sculptures of John Buckley, in Sylvia Vetta’s article bring us right back to strange, alien worlds… (the first person to make a Sharknado joke gets a scowl from me – I renounce that movie in the good name of science-fiction).

Whatever the genre, the author has the privilege and the responsibility to transport us to worlds of wonder, and that’s just what the writers here do so well.

You might find something of interest here, and you’re bound to find something at the second Oxford indie Book Fair, more on that later…

In this edition

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Oxford Indie Book Fair: November 2021

Show report by Sylvia Vetta.

Bones of Contention

A short fantasy story by Drew Bryenton.

Droning On

An introduction to the world of FPV flight in video by Andy Severn

Spin Cycle

A short story by Vic Blake

Shackled to My Family

The 10th Anniversary Release of ‘Shackled to My Family’ by Samina Younis. Commentary by Nancy Harber.

Nick Cook – On Writing Sci-fi


What if…we started a new, small poetry press in Oxford?
(Well, we did!)

Poet’s House Pamphlets, their experiences in writing and publishing.

What if…

A Poem by Meg Barton

The unexpected story of John Buckley

By Sylvia Vetta

Life in a Medieval Gentry Household

By ffiona Perigrinor

War Seen Through the Eyes of Children

By Katie Isbester

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Shackled to my family
Body i the cathedral
Novel Entertainment