Not so Black and White

Issue #5: Editorial - by Sylvia Vetta

An International edition for an International city

This edition includes writers born in Africa, Asia and South America as well as in Europe.

One person who has connected to USA and the Caribbean is art magazine editor and photographer Fanny Dubes Arbuthnott. She must be very proud of her photograph of James Baldwin and her involvement in the iconic poetry anthologies Hard Lines. There’s a feature about a soon to be released film titled Beijing Spring. One of the heroes, Qu Leilei is a regular visitor to Oxford and Ai Weiwei has a new installation at Blenheim Palace.

Most good novels have a strong sense of place. Julie Anderson delves into that topic. Her thrillers have distinct locations. Julie was a senior civil servant at the treasury and that experience not only gave her insight into the underbelly of Whitehall but to literally a hidden world under our feet. If any readers go to London, you may like to explore her unusual walk.

I hope my novels have a similar sense of place. Half of Sculpting the Elephant is set in Jericho. Most visitors to Oxford head for the dreaming spires and miss hidden gems like this former working class district that narrowly escaped being bulldozed to be replaced by high rise. Some of you visited the oxib stand at the popular and fun Jericho Book Fair in Mount Place by the canal…

In this edition

Fanny Dubes Arbuthnott

Remarkable photos from her early days as a freelance photographer and pivotal involvement in the ground breaking Hard Lines series

A Sense of Place  – Julie Anderson

Author of political trillers talks about the importance of locations in fiction.

Nile Cat - Angela Reid

Reimagining Book Discovery Online

Ben Fox helps readers to find books in new ways.

Oxford Moments

The Tiger Spirit podcaster Yang-May Ooi on her Oxford Moments.

Beijing Spring

Beijing Spring 1979

Meeting the Manchurian born artist Qu Leilei.

Nile Cat

A Young Adult thriller inspired by the author’s ancestors who set the young Howard Carter on the road to Tutankhamun.

Simon Altmann

Distilled Wisdom

Life Lessons connecting 3 continents.

Simon Altmann

A Meditation on the Dance of Time

A Poem from the anthology by Prof. Simon Altmann.

Writing against the odds

Sarah Gray is known for her short story collections of supernatural and psychologically dark thrillers.

Urban Creatures

Urban Creatures

A short story by Sarah Gray.


Why you should join a library friends group

Dr Anna Tilley, Chair of the Friends of Watlington Library explains.

The Curse of Illiteracy

By Nancy Mudenyo Hunt.


Subtle Love

A short story by Karen Djoleto giving insights into Ghanian attitudes to relationships..

Diane Bell art

Diana Bell – The Big Question Mark

Explore the world of Particapatory Art with artist Diana Bell.

Shackled to my family
Body i the cathedral
Novel Entertainment