Magazine Advertising

Adverts placed in an edition will remain for as long as the magazine is published on the website.

Note that our online magazine adjusts its format according to the size of the screen it is being viewed on. Actual positions and sizes will vary according to the device. Look at an existing issue on your phone or desktop/laptop to see how the formatting appears differently.

There are two sizes of AD used on the magazine.

  • 3:4 “Book style”: These are particularly suited for book cover ADs. Please supply minimum 300x400px
  • 2:1 “Full width”: These appear across the full width of the article column. Please supply minimum 800x400px

Here’s an example of a 2:1 AD, and the amount of text which will comfortably fit into the space. If you’d like us to create the artwork for you from your cover and supplied text then let us know in the comment field below and we can do that from an additional £15.

On a PC you’ll see an example of the 3:4 AD to the right. If you’re reading on a mobile, you’ll see it lower down the page.

Gad's Army

Files can be submitted in most formats, but MUST conform to the aspect ratios specified or it will be rejected. The AD will most likely be placed onto a WHITE background, so bear that in mind in your design.

Please use CLEAR and easy to read fonts and colours in your adverts. Don’t try to cram too much information into it as it may look unreadable on small screens. When designing your AD, consider how it might look when the width is the same size as a mobile phone screen.

AD Positions

Your advert can appear on either the Index page, for £30 or on an Article Page for £20.

Submitting ADs / Policy

To book an AD, please submit it using the form below.

Adverts will be accepted in most common formats, JPG, GIF, PDF etc. Your AD can have a web URL to click through to. Please supply a valid URL – this may be an amazon link if you wish to advertise your book. (If supplying an Amazon link, we may add our affiliate code unless you are using your own).

You will be invoiced for the AD and any layout work you have requested if accepted, and be given instructions on how to pay. Please note that if space is limited then we may give away your booked slot if not paid in full 7 days after submitting the AD.

We reserve the right to refuse advertising for any reason. Our decision will be final in this matter.

Any advertising that is subsequently found to be fraudulent, offensive, contain harmful or misleading links etc may be removed at any time, and no refund will be offered.

Advertising positions are offered on a first-come-first-served (ie: paid) basis, and page position of stacked adverts will be placed on the same basis.

If you would lke us to produce a simple layout for your AD (eg composing a 2:1 format to include your book cover and some text) then please ask below and we can quote for artwork generation.

The Girl from the Temple Ruins

This is an example of a 3:4 AD. On a PC it appears at the side of the page, on a mobile, it may appear at the bottom of the page, but larger.

Submit your Advertisment

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