26-November 2022


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Information for Exhibitors

{Updated Thurs 21-Jul-2022}

EXHIBITORS: Please note that passes will be availible to buy soon.

Please check back here for updated information about the event. Any news and changes will be posted here.

Event Location:Wesley memorial Hall, New Inn Hall Street, Oxford, OX1 2DH

Event date: 26 November 2022

Open for set-up: 8am
Doors Open to Public: 11:00am
Doors Closed to Public: 4:00pm
Exhibitors to vacate by: 4:30pm

Loading and Unloading:┬áThere is a very limited amount of space outside the venue for loading and unloading of materials for exhibitors. New Inn Hall Street is acessible from George Street (be sure to turn into new In Hall Street before the traffic restrictions – turn at O’Neil’s Bar). You may find some temporary loading / unloading space on St Michael’s St which is opposite. The ever-vigilant parking attendents are fairly understanding if you’re stopped for a short time but may be unable to turn a blind eye if your vehicle is left unattended.

Note, that as of 28-Feb Zero Emissions charges apply to a selected number of streets in the centre of Oxford. New Inn Hall Street is amongst them. You may need to pay to drive there. Please check the official information here about how to pay.

You can register and pay up to six days in advance and the pass is valid for the whole day (7am – 7pm). Enter your registrtion number on the booking page to see what the charge for your vehicle would be.

Parking: There are a number of places to park in Oxford, but it is a little costly and fills up quickly. The Westgate is the largest and cheapest option and is about 5-10 minutes brisk walk from the venue. Do not attempt to park outside the venue.


We ask that all exhibitors use good common sense to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID. The use of a mask would be sensible when being faced with the public, though at this time the decision would rest with yourself.

Taking payment by card may be safer than handling cash. It may be wise to reduce the amount of handling that the public do with your products. For example, just put out one display copy and sell fresh copies from the box. Please follow any rules set out by the venue.

Table Set-Up

There will be a limited amount of time for table set-up. A revides floor plan will be posted here with a PDF to download ina few days. We will have copies of the layout at the event and each table will be provided with a name-tag for confirmation.


Those that have requested power for their table will be located near to a power point in the venue. There are double sockets on the walls at those locations and you will be allowed to use ONE of these. Please bring a suitably rated extension lead to run from the wall behind you to your table. We cannot supply extension leads. Ensure that your lead is run to avoid tripping by yourselves and fellow exhibitors.


The venue has WiFi throughout which can be used for your ePOS systems etc. We will post the WiFi password on a notice for you to take down in the morning.We can’t be responsible for the quality or continuity of the connection but will endevouir to let the venue owners know if there are any problems. It would be wise to have a backup plan for your ePOS such as WiFi hotspot from your mobile phone to card reader in case of problems.

Social Media

Make sure you Tweet to us at @OxIndieBookFair

You’ll find us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/OxIndieBookFair

Also send posts of the event throughout the day and the time leading up to and after the event. We will have a small team in March helping to promote the event on Twitter. make sure you folllow us, retweet and get involved with the conversation to help grow awareness.

Use the hashtag: #OxIndieBookFair as well as the one for the main literary event #oxfordlitfest


We will be promoting the event through a number of sources but if you can also help to support the event by advertising the book fair through your own channels then it will be all the more successful for everyone.

Click below to download a ZIP file containing posters and social media adverts for you to use freely. PLEASE read the enclosed instructions which explain which images work best with which platforms. Also, don’t post to social media without at least including a link to this website so that people will be able to find more information.



Bookings are accepted by purchasing a pass through this website only. Please do NOT send money unless you have a proper link to buy a 2022 exhibitors pass or your reservation may not be made, We will contact exhibitors, waiting list and newsletter subscribers to offer places before opening for general sales.

Cancellations / refunds cannot be accepted within 1 week of the event. Refunds cannot be made for no-show on the day or for event cancellation outside our control (eg: emergency with location).

If you would like your profile including a short description of your work along with up to three images (eg book covers) published on the exhibitor list then send these by return of email when you receive your booking confirmation email.